​A NEW blog, new look, and a bit of change on the site link.. I have moved my blog to another hosting site and with that change, came a change of the look of my blog.. I'm most happy with the new clean look the blog sports now!

I will be adding new recipes in the coming month. Also in the Inspriration section, links, songs, qoutes and scriptures will be added. I also have a book review section, that I will be adding too. I have finished a variety of books and will give my thoughts on those.

Here in the mid-west, though it is the middle of March we feel like it's in the mist of deep winter. Snowing today, with wind gusts, though we aren't getting a lot of snow it's cold and all the grass and roads are covered in white. We are OVER winter and are longing for spring!!

My next post will cover our trip to Florida and Disney World that we took in February.​
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